What is this?

This is my attempt at reducing the friction to posting content in a longer form than twitter.


Logistically, this is a wordpress blog hosted on a sandstorm VM running in the cupboard under the stairs. It’s served using cloudflare acting as a CDN, and the cleaver readers will have some fun figuring out the fancy CNAMEs.

The site you’re reading is pure static HTML.

I don’t render it manually, nor will there be a git repo with content, templates and server code to run.

WordPress, via the P2 theme, and sandstorm mean that I still get a WYSIWYG editor (with raw text fallback), which renders to HTML. The service I use to add more content is “hosted” in the respect that I manage it via dashboards. The services (i.e. running code) are managed and updates automatically, and the servers (a box under my stairs) are keeping me in full control.

I’m Ben, and I’m a Platform Engineer. Hi 👋